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Chances are, you’ve never heard of a life care management professional. You’ve probably never needed one. But when facing the challenge of caring for a disabled loved one or aging parents, a life care management professional from Purview Life® can help make all the difference.

We fill in many roles. We’re an advisor, an advocate, a coach. We understand the complexities and can help families navigate them—whether medical, financial or even sensitive family dynamics during this time. We’re here to provide relief to the whole family. To ensure their loved one is getting the best care possible and is safe, secure and happy. They don’t have to do it alone. They’re not expected to. Instead, we are brought in to help.


  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Collaborate with an Accountant
  • Collaborate with a Financial Advisor
  • Assistance with Insurance Concerns
  • Address Needs and Expenses
  • Maximizing Benefits
  • Work Closely with Trust Administrators
  • Assist with VA Benefits
  • Bill Pay


  • Safety
  • Moving
  • Living Options
  • Appropriate Levels of Care
  • Downsizing
  • Coordinate Home Sale, Maintenance, Repair and Modification
  • Coordinate with All Facilities


  • Healthcare Crisis
  • Physician Visits
  • Continuity of Care
  • Coordinate with the Plan of Care
  • Coordination of Medication
  • Coordinate with Activities of Daily Living
  • Consulting and Advising
  • Prevent Unnecessary Hospitalizations
  • Managing Expectations
  • Education


  • No Family or Family Lives Out of Town
  • Care Partners Needs Help
  • Family is Overwhelmed
  • Decision Support/Problem Solving
  • An Objective Person is needed
  • Conflict Resolution and Complicated Family Dynamics
  • Needs Education or Direction
  • Limited Time to Assist


  • Mental Capacity is in Question
  • Can be appointed as Guardian
  • Named as Healthcare POA
  • Act as Guardian’s Agent
  • Assessment admissible in Court
  • Collaborate with Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys


  • With Healthcare Providers
  • With Other Providers
  • Prevent Duplication of Services
  • Medication Review and Recommendation
  • While in the Hospital or ER
  • Prevent Unnecessary Tests or Procedures


  • Coordinating Government Assistance
  • Determining Appropriate Services
  • Referrals for Medicare/
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Applying for Social Security, SSI, and DHS Benefits
  • Assistance with Long Term Care Insurance
  • Assist with Other Available Benefits

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