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Chances are, you’ve never heard of a life care management professional. You’ve probably never needed one. But when facing the challenge of caring for a disabled loved one or aging parents, a life care management professional from Purview Life® can help make all the difference.

We fill in many roles. We’re an advisor, an advocate, a coach. We understand the complexities and can help families navigate them—whether medical, financial or even sensitive family dynamics during this time. We’re here to provide relief to the whole family. To ensure their loved one is getting the best care possible and is safe, secure and happy. They don’t have to do it alone. They’re not expected to. Instead, we are brought in to help.


  • Healthcare Crisis
  • Physician Visits
  • Continuity of Care
  • Coordinating with the Plan of Care
  • Coordination of Medication
  • Coordinating Activities of Daily Living
  • Consulting and Advising
  • Preventing Unnecessary Hospitalizations
  • Managing Expectations
  • Education


  • No Family or Family Lives Out of Town
  • Care Partners Need Help
  • Family is Overwhelmed
  • Decision Support/Problem Solving
  • An Objective Person is needed
  • Conflict Resolution and Complicated Family Dynamics
  • Needs Education or Direction
  • Limited Time to Assist


  • With Healthcare Providers
  • With Other Providers
  • Preventing Duplication of Services
  • Medication Review and Recommendation
  • While in the Hospital or ER
  • Preventing Unnecessary Tests or Procedures


  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Collaborating with an Accountant
  • Collaborating with a Financial Advisor
  • Assisting with Insurance Concerns
  • Addressing Needs and Expenses
  • Maximizing Benefits
  • Working Closely with Trust Administrators
  • Assisting with VA Benefits
  • Paying Bills


  • Safety
  • Moving
  • Living Options
  • Appropriate Levels of Care
  • Downsizing
  • Coordinating Home Sale, Maintenance, Repair, and Modification
  • Coordinating with All Facilities


  • Mental Capacity is in Question
  • Can be appointed as Guardian
  • Named as Healthcare POA
  • Act as Guardian’s Agent
  • Assessment admissible in Court
  • Collaborate with Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorneys


  • Coordinating Government Assistance
  • Determining Appropriate Services
  • Referrals for Medicare/
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Applying for Social Security, SSI, and DHS Benefits
  • Assistancing with Long Term Care Insurance
  • Assisting with Other Available Benefits
CASE EXAMPLE: Guardianship

We received a call from an assisted living facility asking if we can help with the following scenario:

Two sisters traveled all the way from Arizona to Oklahoma because they missed their mother and wanted to pay her a visit.

The problem was that their mom died 20 years earlier. There was the first red flag.

Luckily, one of the sisters kept getting admitted to the senior specialty hospital for one reason or another.

It became obvious to the social worker that their mental capacity was diminished.

It was also evident that they were elder orphans. They did not have any next of kin. They are all alone in the world!

At the time of discharge, the social worker asked one of the assisted living facilities if they would admit them because they have plenty of funds to pay for it.

Needless to say, the assisted living facility was happy to gain 2 new residents.

However, the fact that the hospital deemed the sisters mentally incompetent prohibited them from entering into any kind of legal contract. The hospital and assisted living felt helpless until someone thought of contacting us.

We, of course, knew exactly what to do. We went down to the courthouse and were appointed as guardian for both sisters.  As their guardian, we were able to take care of all of their needs.

In this case and in similar cases, you can expect to generate the following:

Services Rendered

  • Attend court proceedings to obtain guardianship.
  • Arrange for their move to facility and attend plan of care at the facility.
  • Make all necessary purchases from clothing to decorating.
  • Accompany to doctor, dentist, and all appropriate health care appointments.
  • Pay their bills/communicate with their financial advisor.
  • Plan their social/church outings/birthdays etc
  • Arrange for end of life needs such as hospice/burials etc.

Duration of services

34 months

Total charges

$119, 082
($3,307.00 average per month)

Total hours

(Billed at $150/hour)

CASE EXAMPLE: Consultation and Advocacy

Three adult children called the office very concerned about their mom and dad.

Mom is in late stage Alzheimer’s. Dad promised her that he will keep her at home and will never consider any kind of facility.

However, at the age of 79, full time caregiving is taking a serious toll on his health.

The children have begged and pleaded for 3 years now in the hopes that he would reconsider his decision but to no avail. Everyone was too emotionally charged.

They called the office for high level consultation. Our aging life care professional visited with dad and in turn with the family. Her objective expertise convinced dad that moving is the best answer.

She was able to recommend a place, arrange for the move while managing everyone’s emotion.

What started out to be a simple consultation case, turned into a 2 year care management case.

As the relationship developed, the family learned that the consultation accompanied by advocacy was so very valuable to them.

They called on our care manager to accompany the parents to doctor’s appointments, procedures, and to communicate with home health as well as all entities involved in their parent’s lives.

Duration of services

24 months

Total charges

($1,215.00 average per month)

Total hours

(Billed at $130 an hour)

CASE EXAMPLE: Comprehensive Assessment

the An attorney called our office concerned about his clients.

They are both well into their eighties and are exhibiting behavioral changes.

They are starting to make questionable financial decisions and are acting out of character.

The Attorney along with the adult children grew concerned for the couple’s safety due to a few mishaps at the house. Not to mention, that a suspicious house keeper is sharing her financial woes and tugging at the couple’s heart strings.

The typically conservative parents are now writing a few checks here and there to help out the desperate house keeper.

The couple consistently rejected the attorney and the children’s recommendation to visit a doctor or receive any kind of help.

However, they have been very social and were more than happy to entertain our aging life care professional when she showed up at the door for a visit.

The attorney advised the children to hire so we can conduct our comprehensive assessment.

The assessment sheds clarity on the situation. It will also provides everyone with the best solutions possible.

The adult children were grateful for the assessment as it validated their decision to move their parent’s close by.

In this case the only services we provided were to do the assessment and write the reports.

Duration of services

12 hours

Total Charges


Total hours

12 hours
(Billed at $130 an hour)


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